World Environment Day 2017 – UPL Sarus Conservation Project

World Environment Day is celebrated worldwide on 5th June every year and it presents us with an opportunity to raise awareness about the importance of wetlands and conservation of Sarus crane. This year’s WED theme was “Connecting People with Nature”. On this eve UPL Sarus conservation project in collaboration with Nadiad Social forestry division had organized programme at Ecotourism centre, Pariej wetland.  Mr. Ashwin Parmar, DCF Nadiad talk about the importance of environment in our daily life.  Ms. Kantaben (Head Samrath Foundation), talks about Eco-friendly lifestyle. Mr.Mukesh Chaudhury (Agriculture officer, KVK Dethli) talks about relationship between agriculture and environment. UPL Sarus conservation project is part of ‘UPL Vasudha Programme’ with an objective to connect farmers (Known as Sarus Protection Group) with nature.


World Environment Day 2017 – UPL Limited, Vapi celebrates by planting trees.

The CSR team at Vapi joined the nation in observing World Environment Day on 5th June 2017 by taking lead in planting trees beside national highway. The project is in partnership with forest department, Valsad. The tree plantation was done under the ‘UPL Social Forestry Project’ with an objective to connect our employee volunteer (Known as WAU Volunteers) with nature.

Global Parli Project.

UPL is working on Global Parli Project ( ) with Mr. Mayank Gandhi. This is a pilot project of Nation Building through Revival and Empowerment of the Villages of India. 15 villages have been selected in drought-prone Parli tehsil in Marathawada for 360 degree development. In past this area has witnessed farmers suicide. The effort is for a “model” development to create progressive, economically viable and prosperous rural India. This will serve as a trans-formative process that can be replicated across the country for a prosperous India. The Primary project goal is to Increase the Per Capita Income of each family by 250% in 3 years
At present deepening and widening of Paapnashi river is in progress, the machines are removing the soil from the river and gathering it on the sides. This automatically creates a bund of around 7 feet height along the river. This in turn increased the depth of the river, as the bund will stop the flow of the river from going out. The villagers decided to flatten this bund from the top to make a bullock cart / cycle road on either sides of the river. This will be very useful for transportation across the entire length of the river.
Happy to be part of Nation Building through Revival and Empowerment of the Villages of India

Mr. Rusen Kumar, the founder and director of India CSR Network visited CSR work UPL Limited.


India CSR Network ( ) is a leading CSR portal of India. Rusen Kumar is a seasoned professional having very strong inter personal skills with strong professional ties across the globe. He has been consistent in delivering excellence in various domain areas of social entrepreneurship, social journalism and social-economic development and has contributed phenomenally in bringing about radical change in life and life style of people from various strata of society. He has made remarkable contributions to the world of media and journalism by contributing to series of leading dailies and been a contributor to the turnkey process mapping and management of various media related ventures. His passion towards corporate social responsibility motivated him to conceptualize and promote India CSR Network as India’s maiden and largest online portal to further the upliftment of social issues.

Mr. Rusen Kumar can be reached at / +91 99810 99555

UPL Pragati – KhedutPragati – Kisan Diwas 2016

Celebrated KISAN DIWAS at Vikram Farm, Nahuli on 23rd December 2016

23rd December is the birth anniversary of India’s 5th Prime Minister, Mr. Chaudhary Charan Singh and it is celebrated as “KISAN DIWAS” all over India. For UPL Farmer is first in all initiative and hence we decided to celebrate the farmers day (KISAN DIWAS) to extend our thanks to farmers for giving us food.

A famous quote on farmer…

“Once in our life we need Doctor, a Lawyer, a Politician and a Preacher but every day, three times a day we need Farmer”

So it’s our and everyone’s duty and responsibility to say thanks to farmer.

How UPL Pragati team Celebrated KISAN DIWAS

We invited 45 farmers from three location namely Vapi, Ahwa and Ankleshwar to Vikram Farm, Nahuli. We organized training cum thanks programme for them.

In first session we briefed  them about Vikram Farm and all crop specific information. session included best management and modern practices of agriculture. Effective management of water, labour and Agri inputs.

In second session, Mr. Tripathi and Mr. Pankaj from Vikram farm conducted field visit for our guest farmers. This was more practical understanding and exposure for innovative practices in agriculture. It was full of practical knowledge/experience sharing for farmers. Each and every query or questions of the farmers was answered on field itself.

The third session was farmers opportunity to give feedback on their learning from UPL Pragati team and their visit to Vikram Farm. 7-8 farmers who had visited Vikram farm earlier shared their experience with other farmers which they implemented in their own farm. Some of them stated Paddy cultivation through SRI method, some told about Sugar Cane cultivation, some spoke about drip irrigation and its benefit. The mutual exchange of knowledge and experience to each other was a wonderful excercise.

Finally we concluded the whole programme by extending our thanks to farmers and offer them small token of appreciation for all the hard work they put in to feed INDIA.