15th FGI Award for Excellence 2018

The UPL School Sanitation Programme, CSR initiative of UPL Limited – Received Award of Excellence in the category of “Outstanding Contribution to Mission – Swach Bharat” for providing best class sanitary facilities to schools and inculcating healthy and hygienic behavior.

Award received from Smt. Maneka Gandhi – Hon’ble Union Cabinet Minister for Women & Child Development, Govt. of India on 14th April 2018, on 15th FGI Award for Excellence at Vadodara.

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Seva Yagna Samiti, Bharuch received award in NGO category for doing outstanding work in Medical sector.

Since 15 years Seva Yagna Samiti is selflessly working for the well-being and serving the needy and poor patients for restoration of health in civil hospital Bharuch. Serving for the noble cause by the urge of their own heart, UPL Employees from Unit I & Unit II selflessly supported Seva Yagna Samiti by donating Rs. 2 Lakhs for Neonatal Treatment.


UPL Social Forestry Project

Social forestry means the management and protection of forests and afforestation of barren and deforested lands with the purpose of helping in the environmental, social and rural development. Through this initiative, UPL Ltd. aims to involve community participation, as part of a drive towards afforestation and rehabilitating the degraded forest and common lands.

UPL Ltd is working with the Gram Panchayat in the forestry location at Ankleshwar, Jhagadia and Vagra block for social forestry project in the community land which has not been used for long. In this project, we have constructed bore wells, setup solar system water pumps and micro irrigation systems to ensure continuous irrigation and thereby growth of the plants. A total of 48,736 tree saplings have been planted in 116.72 acres of land. School students from that locale also visit the forestry site, they have learned about different plant species, local and migratory birds etc. and their relationship with each other.

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Global Parli is a mission of nation building through transformation of rural India. Under the leadership and guidance of Mr. Mayank Gandhi, fifteen contiguous villages have been selected in drought-prone Parli tehsil in Beed district in Marathwada Region of Maharashtra, India for the transformation with approach of 360 degrees development where UPL LTD. is supporting the Global Parli Project to develop a replicable model of rural rejuvenation by providing financial, technical & management support to the project.

To understand the whole ideology of 360 degrees development, UPL CSR team visited Global Parli. The team visited the villages named Waghala, Revali, Malnathapur, Parchundi & Bhilegaon and understood the process and objective of creating the concept of Global Parli. The CSR team also attended and understood the participatory approach in a Gram Sabha at Malnathpur, visited school and observed the alternate & viable profitable livelihood options through promoting improved agriculture practices at Parchundi, understood the value and importance of convergence of Govt. at Bhilegaon to see the Kolhapuri dam (Dam with multiple gates), also experienced the structure of the Bridge without participation of local community at Waghala. Team understood from the visit that the transform of poor villages can be created a model of modern, progressive and economically viable village through a 360 degree development approach.

Last but not the least, the team also learned from the Global Parli visit that “Sangharsh” (struggle) & “Nirman” (creation) both are needed and play a vital role for sustainable development.




Eco-Clubs also known as VasudhaSangh in schools in Gujarat, the members of Eco-Clubs are the owner of nature conservation activities in school. Through Eco-Clubs efforts are made to empower students to explore environmental concepts, motivate to understand local biodiversity which is the bedrock of the livelihood of the rural poor. Through Vasudha programme we aim to integrate the knowledge of biodiversity and medicinal plants into schools, as well as to develop a system of their cultivation on the school campuses while creating awareness of and respect to traditional wisdom. To achieve this purpose, under UPL Vasudha programme various awareness programme are carried out in the 50 schools of Valsad district in Gujarat, India.

Students of Eco-Club were taken on a Nature Trail to Herbal garden at Zandu Foundation which is located in Valsad district in Gujarat, India. And an exposure visit was also organised at Vikram Farm, Nahuli.  Students enjoyed the scenic beauty of the lush green spaces of the both Herbal Garden and at Vikram Farm. The Vikram Farm is surrounded by vast green spaces consisting of agriculture crops, vegetable crops, fruit crops etc. whereas Zandu foundation has variety of herbal and aromatic plant species. The students learned many facts about the varied flora and fauna found there. Around 836 Eco-club members from 15 schools were part of this visit.

In association with Zandu Foundation our 10 Eco-School have developed medicinal garden which serve as an integrated learning facility for the school.

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UPL SurakshaAbhiyaan – Self-Defense Safety Empowerment Workshop @ Vapi Cluster

This programme also known as “Nari Suraksha Abhiyan” was started to equip girls with the knowledge and skills to protect themselves from exploitation and sexual harassment. We focus on improving their understanding of what constitute harassment, an attempt is made to build the confidence to say ‘NO’ to any kind of harassment & exploitation. The Girl Safety Training Programme was organised in 15 schools sensitizing 1000 girls’ students. The Safety training programme focuses on both mental and physical aspects.  We help in mentally conditioning the women into becoming strong-willed and not to succumb to victimization under any circumstances while avoiding those circumstances from happening in the first place.

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UPL Vasudha @ Jhagadia – World Water Day 2018

Water is one of our most vital resources for sustaining and improving life.  In order to bring information and awareness within the community, an awareness campaign was organised on the “World Water Day” with the participation of 60 students from Sardarpura School and with the active participation of WAU Volunteers.

Children often have an amazing sense of perception when talking about or showing why water is important. To showcase this, created a contest to give students a platform for them to share their ideas on the importance of water and water conservation. For this contest, students had the option to participate in quiz competition sharing their understanding on the said theme or create a poster describing the importance of water. WAU volunteers actively participated in the event ensuring the students remain engaged and focused.

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UPL Sarus Conservation Project – World Water Day 2018

World Water Day is observed on March 22 every year. It is a day that reminds people about not wasting one of the most important elements that sustain life on the planet. This year the theme for World Water Day 2018 was ‘Nature for Water’ – explores how we can use nature to overcome the water challenges of the 21st century.

World Water Day was celebrated at Pariej wetland, with an objective to inspire young minds and advocate for sustainable use and management of freshwater resources. Students from Government Boys Primary School, Pairej participated in this event.

An awareness talk was organized on conservation and responsible use of water, students also visited Pairej Wetland understanding and documenting local flora and fauna of the surrounding area. Other activities like bird watching and drawing competition on the theme “Save Water” was observed.

Mr. Nareshbhai (Principal) also share information on Pariej wetland and its benefits to local communities of adjoining villages in different ways. During the occasion, best three drawings and consolation prizes were given to students.

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UPL KhedutPragati – Improved Nutrition through BoriBagicha – A Kitchen Garden Initiative

The Dang territory is one taluka that is one of the most backward districts, in majority of the socio and economic parameters in Gujarat. Farming is the primary source of livelihood for the tribal population of the Dang. Due to the poor quality of land as major proportion of the agriculture land is situated on slopes, which makes irrigation difficult, the people of dang have limited options of livelihood. Given this scenario, UPL ltd. took up this challenge to improve the nutritional value of farmer’s meal along with improving land productivity. UPL BoriBagicha is a step in this direction.

BoriBagicha is a technology where vegetable plants are grown in plastics bags requiring minimum space. These light weight bags are portable and hence very convenient for kitchen gardening.

This program has a twin objective of supplementing nutritional value of tribal home and slowly becoming an alternative source of income too. Since its inception in the year 2015 till today the project has directly impacted the lives of over 1228 farmers in 10 villages of the Dang taluka.

Giving this backdrop, the Boribagicha project was replicated in 6 villages at Dharampur taluka. The selected villages have very less agriculture land which limits the livelihood through agriculture produce.

As mentioned above the core philosophy of launching the project has been to increase the nutritional value of tribal home, similarly supporting small-scale farmers and landless families to address this issue through integrated management of land and water resources.

A training programme was conducted in 6 villages, followed by theoretical and practical session with farmers and women. After completion of training, two bags and five types of seed were provided to each selected farmer.

Detail of Villages Covered

Sr. No. Village Types of Cucurbits


No. of Farmers
1 Moolchond Cucurbits (Five Types)

Bottle Gourd, Ridge Gourd, Bitter Gourd etc.

2 Wangan 25
3 Kutternachia 20
4 Nadakkhadi 42
5 Goriya (Gavaria) 22
6 Dhulchond 15

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Arropando Vidas (Clothing Lives)…. A CSR initiative of UPL Mexico

Arropando Vidas which means Clothing Lives is a CSR initiative of UPL Mexico and is being carried out since 2015.  “Arropando Vidas” is a winter campaign which consists of collecting blankets and winter clothes donated by the employees / collaborators of UPL with matching donation from UPL Mexico.  During this season Mexico registers low temperatures. The collected blankets and winter clothes were donated to 60 people from the community of Tierra Blanca, Guanajuato which is one of the most vulnerable community in the Mexico.

In addition to what was collected by the collaborators, UPL supported by purchasing blankets so that more community gets benefited. This year employees contributed 65% and 35% was contributed by UPL Mexico.

The Arropando Vidas was started in 2015 and this is the 4th consecutive year of supporting most vulnerable community in the Mexico.