Global Parli Project – Taking Charge! People’s Participation for Water Conservation

Villagers irrespective of the gender, age have volunteering taken charge for water resource conservation in their village. After 45 days of intensive work in the respective village around 84.20 crore liters of surface water storage created which is equal to 84,200 water tanker worth Rs. 16.4 crore spend every year.

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World Environment Day 2018 – UPL Social Forestry Project

World Environment Day is an international awareness campaign by the United Nations. It’s been celebrated since 1974 with various projects across the world to address environmental problems. It’s a day for everyone, anywhere. Since it began in 1974, global citizens have witnessed this day by addressing various environmental issues from neighborhood clean-up, green campaign, conserving wildlife etc. This year we initiated to mark this day by planting prosperity.

To mark the day, UPL CSR team organized a tree plantation drive at UPL Social Forestry site at Dahej and Fulwadi, Bharuch. Saplings were implanted by village leaders, CSR team, as well as WAU Volunteers enthusiastically participated on this occasion. WAU volunteers motivated the villagers to plant more trees in order to make the surrounding green. Initiated to plant 5000 plants sapling in around 10 acres of land at Social Forestry site Fulwadi.

UPL Social Forestry is part of Nature conservation initiative at UPL Ltd called as UPL Vasudha which means the Mother Earth, the giver of wealth. UPL Social Forestry aims at conserving the environment and improving quality of life of flora and fauna. The project aims at raising forest and thereby creating bio-diversity sites close to the community.

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IMG_0307IMG_0308IMG_0314IMG_0324IMG_0338Tree Plantation @ Social Forestry site – Fulwadi

Social Forestry DahejTree  Plantation @ Social Forestry site – Dahej


World Environment Day 2018 – UPL Sarus Conservation Project

Our home is our planet and not just our house! World Environment Day is celebrated on 5th  June of every year.  India is the global host of 2018 World Environment Day With #BeatPlasticPollution as the theme for this year’s edition, the world is coming together to combat single-use plastic pollution.

In the backdrop of the above, Nadiad Social Forestry Division of Gujarat Forest Department, UPL Sarus Conservation Project jointly organized workshop and movie screening in association with Sakhi Mandal Groups, SHG’s, ITI students and educational institution to raise awareness on the importance of World Environment  Day.

On this occasion, Shri Ashwin Parmar, (IFS) DCF, Nadiad, addressed on the “Importance of day and highlighted on the theme beat plastic pollution. Dr. Jatinder Kaur and Mr. Jatin Patel briefed on the “Impact of Plastic Waste in nature and effect on human health”. Dr. Rita Kumar, Head- Department of Biological & Environmental Science, N.V.P.S. College-Anand gave insights on three R’s( Refuse, Reduce and Reuse” and showcased movie on the said theme. Dr. Vipin Bhai Makwana Coordinator Gram Seva Kendra briefed about Solutions to stop or avoid the use of Plastic. World Environment Day was celebrated with full enthusiasms with the participation of 130 students, SHG members, and other Staff  Members.

Following this, the participants were encouraged to paint and share their thoughts, views, and opinions on white cloth banners. On this occasion, Social Forestry Division distributed Jute bags to promote awareness for using jute bags and say no to plastic #StopPlasticPollution. If we can’t reuse then refuse.

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Adarsh Farm Services – Transforming Agriculture through Mechanization – Phase II

Agriculture land area in the world has limit, but the demand for food is ever increasing due to population growth. To increase productivity in the limited land so as to meet the expanding demand arising from population growth as well as higher income is very important. To increase the productivity agricultural machines play a pivotal role, it contributes to increase in production in two major ways: firstly the timeliness of operation and secondly the good quality of work. Farm mechanization is an important element of modernization of agriculture which not only enables the efficient utilization of various inputs such as seeds, fertilizers, plant protection chemical and water for irrigation but also helps in poverty alleviation by making farming an attractive enterprise.

With the given backdrop, Adarsh Farm Services a joint initiative of CSR and the marketing team initiated to impart training to various stakeholders about the farm mechanization. The training programme was organised in various district of Maharashtra (i.e. Jalgaon, Pusad, Wardha, and Yevatmal). The Objective were,

  • Increasing the reach of farm mechanization to small and marginal farmers
  • To create awareness among stakeholders through demonstration and capacity building activities
  • To create awareness about agricultural equipment and machinery among the end users and other stakeholders

The training was attained by 175 progressive farmers from five districts, after successful completion the attendees were awarded with certificate for their active participation.

We are in the second consecutive year of imparting training to the farmers/youth on modern agriculture practices, which creates employment to rural youths in technology based livelihood that too in their vicinity.


The Global CSR Summit & Awards 2018

International recognition for UPL’s CSR work.

The Sustainable livelihood Project which includes Agriculture Development, Skill Development and Women SHG in Gujarat, India was recognised at The Global CSR Summit & Awards 2018, which is now in its Tenth Successive Year (10th Year).

The award function was held on April 19th 2018 at Lombok, Indonesia. Bu.Kurleni Ukar- Assistant Deputy for Industry & Regulation, Ministry of Tourism, Republic of Indonesia was chief guest.

Mr. Maneesh Oberoi, Business Head – South East Asia, Jakarta, Indonesia and Mr. Vijaya Malgate, Business Growth Lead, Advanta Seeds Indonesia received award for UPL.

UPL Ltd – Launch of Bharat Calling with Zee Business

Launch of Bharat Calling with Zee Business:

First-of-its-kind initiative that aims to enable and empower the CSR ecosystem to achieve inclusive growth and sustainable development by showcasing CSR work of selected corporates which are creating impact through CSR initiatives.

The initiative was inaugurated by Shri Suresh Prabhu (Hon. Minister of Commerce & Industry and Civil Aviation) on 25th April 2018 in New Delhi.

Bharat Calling will be showcasing UPL’s CSR work on ZEE Business.

UPL Ltd bags prestigious India CSR Innovative Project of the Year [Large Impact] – Environment – UPL Social Forestry.

VAPI: UPL Limited has been conferred with the prestigious “India CSR Innovative Project of the Year [Large Impact] – Environment – UPL Social Forestry.” The award was received by UPL Ltd at the CSR Community Initiative Awards 2017-18 during the India CSR Leadership Summit held at New Delhi on April 27th, 2018.

On behalf of UPL Ltd, the award was received by Mr. Rishi Pathania, Head – CSR and Mr. Natha Dodia, Manager – CSR from Dr. Bhaskar Chatterjee, Author, Thinker, Secretary General, Indian Steel Association and Former DG & CEO, Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs and Rusen Kumar, Founder and Managing Editor of India CSR Network.

UPL Ltd was recognised for its unique CSR Project – UPL Social Forestry par excellence that is improving the local ecology, conserving the environment and improve quality of life of surrounding populace, who have close economic and cultural links with nature.

UPL Social Forestry is part of Nature conservation initiative at UPL Ltd called as UPL Vasudha which means the Mother Earth, the giver of wealth. UPL Social Forestry aims at conserving environment and improving quality of life of flora and fauna. Under UPL Social Forestry, the community and other stakeholders are partnered to create forest in village common land, government land and Panchayat land. Project aims at raising forest and thereby creating bio-diversity sites close to community. Social Forestry also formally recognizes the local communities’ rights to forest resources and encourages community participation in the management and ownership of natural resources.

The UPL Social Forestry is an innovative and first of its kind socio-environmental CSR project in India. Under the project a total 71,351 plants were planted and is being properly maintained at different community sites which covers 163.73 acres of community land. UPL also planted 1,20,000 Mangrove plants spread across 60 acres of land in the coastal belt in Vagra block. Innovatively, UPL adopted different participatory approach to execute the UPL Social Forestry that has led to sustain the plantation and project.

This annual CSR forum provides a unique opportunity to the leaders and organizations with their operations in India, to talk and showcase the work being carried out in CSR domain and how it forms an integral part of the company’s contribution to society. The Summit​ is designed to celebrate five years of CSR Law of India and with the​ deep belief that business responsibility has immense potential to transform the society.

UPL Sarus Conservation Project – Earth Day 2018

Every Year, Earth Day is celebrated on 22nd April to remind the students of their duties towards “Mother Nature” As a part of Vasudha Program, the nature conservation Initiative of UPL Ltd., recycle reuse and reduce initiative was taken to engage the school students in making a difference. Earth Day was celebrated through education and action oriented activities that were fun.

World Earth Day was observed at Shannen School, Vadodara. A myriad of activities were conducted in the classes, a speech on “Save Earth” by Dr. Jatinder Kaur. This was followed by a movie screening on nature conservation. Art Activity – Trash to Treasure wherein students of class V and VI recycled, reduced and reused newspaper old clothes to prepare decorative items. They made creative items that were exhibited. The students, teacher and principal of the school participated with great enthusiasm in this event.

The program concluded with an informative message address by the principal she said, ‘the Earth Day celebration offers opportunities to teach us about the issue and make a tangible environmental impact. She also said ‘Together we can make every day the Earth Day and each one of us in schools can make a difference’.

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