About UPL Pragati

At UPL, we have extended our people commitment from the inside to the outside. We recognise the dangers arising out of ‘islands of prosperity’ that do not translate into benefits for those who co-exist in the proximity. At UPL, this ethic is not just a means of liquidating a corporate burden; it is a responsibility that we willingly embraced the day went into business in the late Sixties. The result is that our community outreach programme actually preceded our manufacturing programme – not the other way around as would have been conventionally expected. This commitment translated into health care, educational, vocational and general initiatives that have not only grown over the decades but have helped Vapi and Ankleshwar transform from an obscure town into a teeming industrial township.

CSR Vision:

“Enabling community to become active partners in self-reliant society”

CSR Mission :

  1.  To implement need based CSR projects and extension work.
  2.  To build capacity of community so as to make them self-reliant.
  3.  To develop partnership with all stakeholders.
  4.  To promote and institutionalize CSR with UPL group business strategy.

CSR Values:

1)   Care

2)   Excellence

3)   Partnership

4)   Sustainability

5)   Learning & Sharing

 Key Elements of CSR VMV are:

  1. Engaging and enabling all CSR stakeholders
  2. Sustainable holistic development
  3. Strategic and collaborative partnerships
  4. Creating Shared Value by integration CSR with business strategy.
  5. Transfer of knowledge.

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