Marathwada Project – Darasingh Farm

Darasingh…. the true spirit of indian farmers. I salute my farmer

We are working with a hard working farmer under Marathwada project. His name is Darasingh and he lives in a Maharastra / Karnataka boarder at Gaur Tanda, Bidar. I had a chance to visit Darasingh at his home and farm  on 24th May 2017. My observations are

  • At a first glance he was happy to meet us. We had nice Nimbu Pani at his home and my collague Chandramohan started discussion mainly about his ongoing work in field. Then we went to his farm and see all that he was doing. After reaching farm we were really excited and happy because we big heaps of clay soil. These were the soil which he brought form nearby lake (village pond) Around 250 trollies of black clay soil was in his farm. We feel will definitely turn his existing soil into healthy one and will result future good crop.
  • As we walked ahead, we saw cowpea crop which is looking very healthy inspite of such high temperature (The day we visited it must be 44-45’Ç). Along with cowpea there was Sugarcane plantation in almost 3.5 acres of land. Our faces turned into bigger smile after seeing such greenery in his field and that to in such extreme hot conditions. Crop are in good condition. He was giving flood irrigation with help of open well and bore well as per water availability. Though there are few difficulties like load shading (6 hour electricity per day) he is managing nicely. Here Chandramohan gave few tips to him for getting more production with existing resource.
  • Now he always thinks about draining excess rainfall from his field as he got lesson from last year’s excess rainfall. This year he has provided enough drainage line and stone wall wherever it was required.
  • There was one more good experience stored for us and that was ZEBA.  He is having a single lemon tree close to his open well. The lemon tree started getting initially dried with no fruit and he was hopeless about its Lemon. Mr. Sanjay Tripathy gave him some ZEBA during his Vapi visit and he applied ZEBA along with some Ahmedabad Khad and results are to be seen. The Lemon tree has started giving fruits. We could see the dry stem and wonderful green lemon tree with lots of Lemon.  We were told that not only his family but other villagers are using lemon from same tree.
  • Some more observation
  • Rest of his land was completely ploughed and ready for sowing once rains arrive.
  • His land on other side of the road has hill and he is continuously cutting that hill and trying to convert into farming. Great effort but advise from us was not to go in hurry and concentrate on existing land.
  • He still is in finance mess because few things have not gone well on his side. Like last year crop of Soyabean and Sesame got damaged by heavy rainfall. Also Green Gram and Ginger has not given good market price as per his expectation. So Financially he looks like in vicious cycle.
  • I tried to persuade him to stop getting money from Money lenders or other sources and become self reliant with self respect.
  • I saw enough hope in his face (That you can see from his body language) and are confident that this situation will change in coming years.

He is doing hard work in field (which I could observe in surprise visit) so don’t think there is any reason that he will not succeed. This story for me is a ray of hope for millions of farmers fighting drought and poverty on daily basis. Almost everyday.

I salute true spirit of Indian farmer like Darasingh. One who will never giveup and will fight everyday for his and nations survival.

I salute my farmer.



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