UPL Unnati Project



About Project

UNNATI (उन्नति) is a Hindi word which means Progress. We are working with Renovate India for progress of 6 CBOs from Mumbai and our objective is

  • To provide hand holding and mentoring support to 6 organizations located in Mumbai, to improve their functional efficiency and effectiveness during the year 2015-16.
  • To facilitate upgradation of skills and overall organizational efficiency, and hence enable large, community access to quality education and skill development support.


About Partner

Renovate India works to mentor small, local CBOs by hand holding to increase their capacities in five areas – Operation Management; Human Resource Management; Financial Management; Promotion and Marketing; & Proposal Writing.

Their core team of professional social workers have been working on the ground for over five years and have identified a need for improving the functionality of already existing community based organization. By upgrading the CBOs and those associated with it (usually run by community people), the entire community will benefit.



  1. Triratna Prerana Mandal
  2. Sarathya
  3. Vishwashanti Mahila Vikas Mandal
  4. Ghe Bharari “Lok Sanchalit Sadhan Kendra
  5. Shree Nidhi Foundation
  6. Savitri Mahila Mandal


Target audience thru Partner CBO

  1. Over 9000 women and girls in Chembur east communities, who’re part of Mahila Mandal Foundation (MMF)
  2. 665 children enrolled with Samata education foundation
  3. Over 4500 women members of SHGs, affiliated to Ghe Bharari
  4. Over 5500 women members of Vishwashanti Mahila Vikas Mandal (VMVM)
  5. Over 2752 families affiliated with Shri Nidhi Foundation
  6. Over 45 youth members in the slum communities of M-Ward, Chembur East, Mumbai


The work done so far

  1. Project duration as of July is 5 months (1st March to 31st July)
  2. Total 4 Review meetings at UPL Office
  3. Total number of 10 session in said 4 review meetings
  4. Weekly one to one assistance by Renovate India to CBOs



What we have done so far….

  1. Orientation for UPL Pragati Project
  2. SWOC Analysis
  3. Annual Report for last 3 years
  4. Financial Report for last 3 years
  5. Developing Management Information System (MIS)
  6. Developing Financial Management System (FMS)
  7. Developing Project Proposal for funding
  8. Social Media Strategy



DELIVERABLES Action Plan Output Outcome
Orientation for UPL Pragati Project 1)      An overview initiative

2)      Services offered

3)      Weekly + Monthly interventions

1 Session for all 6 CBOs Increased understanding of the model / Increased understanding of the system essentials
SWOC Analysis 1)      Workshop sessions

2)      One to one meetings

3)      Analysing every CBO

4)      Document Preparation

1 Session / 2 visits per CBO (Total 12) Increased understanding of SWOC / Increased confidence for necessary decision making
Annual & Financial Report for last 3 years 1)      Workshop Session

2)      Data collection of 3 financial years

3)      One to one Meetings

4)      Document Preparation

1 Session / 6 visits per CBO (Total 36) Increased understanding and essentials of Annual Report / Increased understanding of knowledge management / Inculcating  knowledge management system in organization / Transparency & Accountability
Developing Management Information System (MIS) and Financial Management System (FMS) 1)      Workshop Session

2)      Project wise analysis of each organization

3)      One on one meetings

4)      Designing tools of maintaining Information System

5)      Preparing guiding manual

6)      Orientation for tool utilization

7)      Provide Comprehensive Information System

8)      Orientation for using the system

2 Session / 1 visit per CBO (Total 6) Increased understanding and importance of Monitoring and Evaluation / Increased analysis of the measurable and deliverables of the program




DELIVERABLES Action Plan Output Outcome
Social Media Strategy 1)      Workshop Session

2)      Prepare CBO profile

3)      Internal meeting of Partner and CDP managers

4)      Preparing storyline and screenplay

5)      Practicing

6)      Shoot + Edit

7)      Final Documentary

1 Session / 1 Visit per CBO (Total 6) Escalated growth in the promotion of the program
Developing Project Proposal for funding 1)      Workshop Session

2)      One to one meeting

3)      Understanding proposed program

4)      Need identification

5)      Assistance to CBOs in gaining project clarity

6)      Documenting the proposal

3 Sessions / 3 Visits per CBO (Total 18) Increased opportunity fo fund raising / Accurate ways of fund utiliation / A guide for project implementation
Developing Financial Management System (FMS) 1)      Workshop Session

2)      On site visit

3)      Preparing and setting a financial system

1 Session / 1 Visit per CBO (Total 6) Improved financial management system / Timely an accurate way of returns and reporting







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