UPL Vasudha Programme – Construction of Checkdam @ Dangs


Dang is the most distress area for agricultural production and water availability. As a part of CSR initiative we are working in 10 villages of Dang to improve agricultural production of small and marginal farmers by providing them sustainable agriculture solutions.

Many stakeholders including Government, NGO etc have developed many water harvesting structures for farmers of Dang. We have observed some structures are in very poor condition because of construction quality and time. They urgently need repairing and maintenance work for extending the life of structures.

We have initiated repairing of checkdam at Kutarnachya and Gavariya village. We have done field survey of existing structure along with good interaction with nearby farmers. We have noted down all the measurements of existing structures, identified scope of work by discussing with villagers


Sr. No. Specification Dimension (m) Current Status Proposed work
1 Head Wall Length 80 Scouring throughout the length and seepage under the wall Jacketing on upstream and top
2 Top width of Head wall 1.7
3 Bottom Width of Head wall 4.2
4 Key Wall on one side (left) 13 Damage, poor condition Cement Plaster
5 Key wall on  another side (right) 10
6 Apron Length 2.7 Irregular, not in size Plastering
7 Gate width 1.45 Damage New gate


  • Around 31 Ha of agriculture land will be covered under irrigation
  • Direct benefit to 20 farmers
  • Minimum two crops can be taken by beneficiary farmers
  • Approx 8,000 cubic meter of water can be stored
  • Ground water level will be raised in nearby area taking indirect benefit to 2 villages.

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