UPL Suraksha Abhiyaan

1. UPL Girl Safety Training Campaign

WAU team from UPL Limited, Vapi and Suraksha Foundation jointly organized Girls safety training programme in surrounding villages of Vapi and Ankleshwar blocks. Girls safety training programme was targeted to create awareness in school children to safeguard the girl child against any kind of exploitation and sexual harassment. It also made an attempt to build the confidence of girls to say ‘NO’ to exploitations and ‘DO’ and ‘Don’ts to avoid sexual harassment. Programme also focused on important moral values for the children which will help the children to navigate the life in right direction.

Contents of Training

  • Importance of values and vision in the life.
  • Need to create personal vision and mission.
  • Set the life goal and remain focused.
  • Definition of sexual harassment.
  • Ways to avoid getting into the situation of sexual harassment.
  • How to say ‘NO’ to sexual harassment.
  • How to handle the undue pressures and wrong demands.
  • Learning to handle the problems with cool and calm mental state.
  • Stop getting feared; learn to speak out to find solution.
  • Making right choice of relationships and deciding the limits.
  • Importance of studies, career vs. socializing.
  • Handle your success and failure.
  • Use of mobile and internet as support system and avoid misuse.
  • Building foundation for healthy and good life.

This year we have covered three schools in remote villages. A total of 1040 school girls participated in said program and total 9 trainings program were organised. Detail of programme is given below.

Month School Covered Village Number of Student Benefitted Standard
October 2013
  • Sarvajanik School
  • Bhagini School
  • Eklara School
Vatar, Udwada, and Eklara (District Valsad) 870

8th to 12th

January 2014
  • Gayatri Vidhyalaya
  • Sanskar Deep Vidhyalaya
Mandava (Ankleshwar) 170

The project also made effort to buildup mental strength of girls. Girls safety training programme also provided counseling to every girl. We invited Psychologist and Counselor, to give pep talk to students. We also provided information about emergency numbers and other facilities for girls, It was stressed to take help of police and other facilities during Emergency. We also provides stickers of emergency number to every school during Girls safety training programme.

Output of Trainings

  • Awareness on sexually harassment including different types of physical touches indications
  • Awareness basic self-defence thru karate tricks during emergency conditions
  • Awareness to handle some critical situation / condition in society.
  • Awareness about emergency contact numbers, places and support mechanism.
  • Teachers came to know about ground reality of school during individual counseling.
  • To increase confidence of girl child.

UPL Pragati - Suraksha Abhiyaan (1) UPL Pragati - Suraksha Abhiyaan (2) UPL Pragati - Suraksha Abhiyaan (3) UPL Pragati - Suraksha Abhiyaan (4) UPL Pragati - Suraksha Abhiyaan (5) UPL Pragati - Suraksha Abhiyaan (6) UPL Pragati - Suraksha Abhiyaan (7) UPL Pragati - Suraksha Abhiyaan (8) UPL Pragati - Suraksha Abhiyaan (9) UPL Pragati - Suraksha Abhiyaan (10) UPL Pragati - Suraksha Abhiyaan (11)

2. UPL ITI Safety Training Campaign

After completion of Diploma/Degree from Industrial Training Institute (ITI), the students employed in the factories / companies get exposed to a number of hazards at work. Awareness on Occupational health and safety plays an important role in smooth transition from campus to company. Many times lack of training and awareness leads to accident in the work place. However, most accidents can be prevented through Training and Awareness. It is an area which needs special attention to make workplace a safe place.

Considering the importance OH & S in the industry, CSR department UPL Limited has formulated a Training programme for Industrial Training Institute (ITI).

Started with an objective to create awareness among ITI students on Occupational Health & Safety especially in chemical industry. In year 2013-2014 five trainings were organized through WAU volunteer on Occupational Health & Safety at Industrial Training Institute, Bhilad and Pardi. The key topics covered during the programme i.e. concept of occupational health and safety, cardinal rules in chemical plants, important PPEs, types and uses of fire extinguishers. Also case study and video clipping were screening for maximize the impact of training.

ITI Covered Number of training Number of Student Benefitted Trade
Bhilad and Pardi 5 220 students COE, Chemical, Welder and Electrician and others

Outcome of training:

  • Awareness on Personal Protective Equipment’s (PPEs) and Cardinal rules in Chemical Plants
  • Awareness on Chemical Safety, knowledge’s about toxic gases
  • Knowledge on Unsafe act and Unsafe condition, formation of Fire & concept of basic components of Fire and Different types of Fire – class A, B, C, D and identify Medias of Fire

After completion of training, quiz contest were organized to check their knowledge about safety and best three students were awarded. Majority of students secured more than 80% marks in the final quiz.

3. UPL Safe Kite Flying Campaign

Uttarayan (14th January) is marked with a kite flying festival. Kite flying also calls for safety in order to have a safe and joyful experience. Each year citys records a jump in the number of emergencies reported during the kite flying.  Accidents, cuts, eye-damage, skin tans and the list are endless.

Recognizing the importance of Safe Kite Flying, the WAU team at Ankleshwar and Jhagadia formulated a Training programme for Primary and Middle School’s Students.

The key topics like concept of kite fly safety, basic safety rules, importance & uses of personal protective equipment and shared help line number. Video clipping were shown for maximize the impact of training and questions were welcomed from students & clarify their doubts.

School Covered Venue Number of Student Benefitted Standard
Naugam, Motaly and


Ankleshwar 383

1st to 8th  Standard

Sardarpura, Untiya,

Fulwari and Dadheda



UPL Safe Kite Flying Campaign covered 838 students from 7 villages.


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