Our CSR Effort for National / Local area need

In year 2013-2014 we responded to national need of relief which raised from floods at Baroda, Bharuch and Orissa, This year we have also work on specific local area needs around our plant locations

1. WAU Response for Floods @ Vadodara district

The time incUPL Pragati (1) UPL Pragati (2) UPL Pragati (3) UPL Pragati (4) UPL Pragati (3) UPL Pragati (4) UPL Pragati (5) UPL Pragati (6) UPL Pragati (7) UPL Pragati (8) UPL Pragati (9) UPL Pragati (1) UPL Pragati (2) UPL Pragati (1) UPL Pragati (2) UPL Pragati (3) UPL Pragati (4)essant rains lashed Vadodara district and created flood-like situation in the city. The Vishwamitri river, which intersects the city at vantage points caused flood warning sirens in the city. The National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) shifted around 25,000 people from over 114 affected villages to safer places, where they are being provided food and drinking water facilities. The flood is almost unknown to these areas. The area was water logged for days and water logging also brings diseases like Skin disease, Acute Gastroenteritis, Viral conjunctivitis, Bacterial conjunctivitis etc.

UPL Limited provided Jacto Sprayer and disinfectant to Shroff Foundation Trust (SFT) Baroda to be sprayed in water logged area. Apart from providing Jacto Sprayer and disinfectant the WAU volunteers also trained local organisation on usage of spraying disinfectant in the flood-affected areas to prevent the spread of water-borne diseases.

2. WAU Response for Floods @ Bharuch district

This monsoon Water level at Narmada dam was historical high, Low lying areas of villages and towns including Bharuch and Ankleshwar located in downstream area of Narmada river witnessed flood like situation. The flood is almost unknown to these areas and so villagers faced many difficulties like casualties, damage of roads, electricity, food and water problems etc. The WAU Response team of UPL Limited acted in great co-ordination, enthusiasm and team work to help the affected villagers within a short time-frame.

The WAU Response team at UNIT 1 organised “Flood Relief Campaign” to provide food kits/packets (Containing Rice, Wheat, Sugar, Salt, and Spices etc.) among the villagers. More than one thousand families got immediate help from said initaitive. The villages covered includes Borbhatha, Surfuddin, Nava Chhapra, Talia Bavli and Old Kaashiya.

The villages close to Unit 5 at Jhagadia were taken care by WAU Response team at UNIT 5 which declared an alert in the low-lying villages and started Relief work by making arrangement for food Packet. “Flood Relief Campaign” organized by WAU Response team at UNIT 5 at Jhagadia provided food packets to 500 families covering Andala, Badhkol, Junadiva and Borbatha villages.

3. WAU Response for Floods @ Orissa

More than a million people were made homeless by Cyclone Phailin. Homes, crops, livestock, roads, shops and places of work got destroyed. The administration showed an impressive show of disaster preparedness which snapped into action, pre-positioning emergency response teams and supplies, and evacuating nearly a million people – ultimately saving countless lives. Still many people were left with no homes or supplies to return to and the situation is desperate. The Cyclone Phailin left 44 people dead and destroyed the lives of more than 12 million people in 18,250 villages in Odisha. Over 200,000 hectares of agricultural land and 200,000 houses have been destroyed, as per the state government. Looking to such destruction, UPL Limited provided Monitory compensation to 13 needy people associated with UPL for rebuilding house that got completely destroyed by Cyclone Phailin.


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