Agriculture is one of the most important sectors in the Indian economy. Roughly half of India’s work force is still engaged in agriculture for its livelihood. Agriculture in India is both, a source of livelihood and food security for a vast majority of vulnerable sections of society. Given that India is still home to the largest number of poor and malnourished people in the world, a higher priority to agriculture to achieve the goals of reducing poverty and malnutrition as well as of inclusive growth. Achieving an 8-9 percent rate of growth in overall GDP may not deliver much in terms of poverty reduction unless agricultural growth accelerates. At the same time ‘growth with inclusiveness’ can be achieved only when agriculture growth accelerates and is also widely shared amongst people and regions of the country. In given situation Agriculture development becomes important thematic focus for us at UPL Limited. We have adopted a framework for UPL’s Agriculture development intervention. The framework of UPL’s Agriculture development focuses on three crucial aspects:

 a)    Capacity building

b)   Lab to Land

c)    Technology intervention


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