The 5E CSR Approach that we follow at UPL LImited

ENGAGE with community to understand needs and priorities. Engagement will helps us to pay attention to the strengths and resources already present in the community. Engagement also helps us to become active partners helping the community discover and highlight its own strengths. Engaging with community will ensure that our CSR projects address community priorities and engage the broader community as partners, not just recipients of dole or charity.


EVOLVE the key community need by facilitating community to identify its prioritized need (As against wish list) and selecting appropriate responses based on community strength to address same. While the difference between both may seem minor, the important point is that we will be responding to prioritized and evolved needs of the community. It can be a matter of doing the right even if they are new to UPL. The newer process will help us in creating an environment of partnership and ownership that goes beyond previously prescribed CSR roles.


ENABLE community (individuals and groups) by providing them skills they need to effect change in their own life & surrounding. Our task is to stimulate and encourage community activities that will help the community to develop itself to become empowered.  The strengthening of communities and poverty eradication are interrelated. The environment around each community (socio-economic-politico environment) affects level of community empowerment, and also needs to be observed, analysed and worked upon when initiating CSR projects.


ENRICH  life of people through CSR initiatives. Our focused engagement approach, supported by evolved community needs and enabling community process will lead to enrich lives of people. Our initiatives will consider and address issues that matter most to communities. We will focus our energies on initiatives that enrich and strengthen communities. While enriching lives of people we seek to lead by example and continuously improve our CSR process.


EVALUATE our initiatives for learning from past experiences, improvising the service delivery system, systematic planning and optimizing resource allocation and demonstration of results. We will have a continuous process of monitoring and evaluation.Image


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