UPL Niyojaniy @ Jhagadia – Capacity Building Exercise for Vocational Graduates

A three day’s capacity building workshop was organised for the students at UPL Skill Development Centre at Jhagadia, Gujarat. The content of the training was to impart knowledge on soft skills to the learners from disadvantaged backgrounds, leading to better employability prospects.

Mr. Bharat Waghela – Motivational Speaker, talk on personality development, communication skills, interview skills etc. the session was more of interactive and activity base enabling the learners   to enact and evaluate their own performance. The training programme will help the graduates to improve their skills that will enhance their prospect of good employment.

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soft skill session by Raj (1)Management Intern addressing the students on Personality Development, Communication Skill etc.



UPL Niyojaniy @Ankleshwar – Vocational Training in Association with Baroda Swarojgar Vikas Sansthan

UPL Employability and Entrepreneurship – Our multi skill Development Program focuses on providing vocational training to women and youths for alternative livelihoods e.g. jewelry designing, tailoring, bamboo craft etc. – under the Udaymita Project, and providing industry based technical skill training and education to youth for employability – under the Skill Development Initiative “Niyojaniy Kendra” of UPL Limited.

Baroda Swarojgar Vikas Sanstha (BSVS) has been training women and youth particularly from rural and semi-urban areas with entrepreneurship skills and is encouraging them for self-employment enterprise.

Keeping the above view, organised a 6 days training programme in association with BSVS on “Making of Household consumable products (i.e. Washing Powder, Phenyl, incense stick, candle making etc.) A total of 31 students  actively participated in the  training programme. students were encourage to set up their own enterprise.

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THE WeAreUnitedWithFarmers CHALLANGE

The WeAreUnitedWithFarmer CHALLANGE is an activity where you have to step in the farming field and indulging in one farming activity. Once you have done the farming activity on your own take a photo and post in your Facebook and tag 10 friends (5 from UPL and 5 outside) inviting them for challenge. Ensure minimum 6 tagged by complete the challenge !!!!!!

WeAreUnitedWithFarmers (19)

The problems that an average Indian farmer faces are multi-fold. At any given point in time, a farmer is facing different issues simultaneously such as natural calamities like droughts and floods, lack of proper irrigation systems and therefore water scarcity, low market prices, mazes of middlemen, low return on investment, debts, no facilities for storage as well as transport, and a lack of technical know-how about crop patterns, soil types as well as the use of chemical pesticides.

The idea of WeAreUnitedWithFarmers CHALLANGE is to sensitize people for farming and promote awareness on hardship faced by the farmers of the country.

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Hai kisan wala dum to accept WeAreUnitedWithFarmers CHALLENGE !!!!!!!!!!

UPL Limited Signs MOU with Save the Children India to support Special Care Centre

At UPL Limited, we have always believed that disability is never a handicap and people need to change their attitude to provide opportunities to the people with special needs. In India, a majority of the children with special needs do not receive any formal education, in spite of the practice of inclusive education in some schools. This situation is because children with disabilities and learning deficiencies are segregated from mainstream schools and other regular routines and social activities of normal children.

UPL Limited has signed an MOU with Save the Children India (SCI) to support Special Care Centre – A School for hearing impaired and intellectually disabled children that provides holistic education, nutrition and transportation, in a healthy nurturing, learning environment. SCI is working towards betterment, empowerment and right of special children

In 1988, Late Mrs. Vipula Kadri founded Save the Children India with vision of making India a child-friendly nation. SCI is committed to preventing exploitation and all other forms of discrimination of vulnerable women and children, and empowering them to lead a life of dignity, self-respect and independence. Save the Children India located in BKC, Mumbai and is well-known for its inclusive education philosophy where in children special needs are combined with the mainstream children to encourage overall improved student learning.

The Special Care Centre also offers Vocational training which includes woodwork, carpentry, gardening, baking, housekeeping & more giving students a wide range of skills.


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UPL Limited Signed MOU with Maharana Pratap University of Agriculture and Technology

On June 15, 2018, UPL Limited signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Maharana Pratap University of Agriculture and Technology for developing and greening the hillock adjacent to the university administrative Building. The MPUAT established in the year 1999 is an important institute engaged for agriculture development of the state, particularly for tribal dominated southern Rajasthan. The university is actively involved in the upliftment of socio-economic conditions of the farming community in the south and southeastern Rajasthan by promoting efficiency in the use of natural resources, ecological security and sustainability in productivity by crop diversification, quality seed production etc.

Maharana Pratap University of Agriculture and Technology situated in Udaipur, Rajasthan, India. The location has a picturesque site and is to be developed bio-aesthetically. Majority of hills in the Smart City Udaipur are denuded hillocks and need greening with diversified plant species. In this endeavor, MPUAT has taken up the challenge and intended to develop all the hillocks adjacent to its administrative block green.  The area of the hillock is 2.0 ha with slope ranging from 20 to 50%. Scanty vegetation is there which have to be developed by proper soil and water conservation measures and tree plantation suitable for hillock topography.

Underlining the fact that the conservation of the environment is everyone’s responsibility, UPL Limited under its nature conservation initiative – UPL Vasudha Programme have come together to accomplish the said objective.

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UPL School Sanitation Programme – Handling over of Sanitation Block @ Police Station, Jhagadia

On 27th June 2018, successfully handover the sanitation block to the police station at Jhagadia, District Bharuch, Gujarat.  Mr. S K Jindal, Unit Head – UPL V handed over Toilet block in presence of Mr. Rajneesh Bhardwaj Head HR – UPL V.

The Police Inspector appreciated the quality of work and UPL CSR initiative   of taking forward the Clean India Mission which is addressed as Swachh Bharat Abhiyan (SBA) in India. She also thanked UPL team and WAU Volunteers who devoted their time and energy in the construction of sanitation block. She said, we will make sure that this infrastructure is well used and maintained so they last for long time.

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Toilet @ Jhagadia - Handover 2Toilet @ Jhagadia - Handover 3Toilet @ Jhagadia - Handover 4

UPL Deer & Ungulate Breeding Project – MOU Signed with Nature Club Nature Club Surat

Nature Club Surat has a long history (33 years) of conserving, breeding and protecting wildlife. Founded in the year 1985, NCS has been focused on wildlife and habitat conservation and safeguarding of biodiversity from the beginning. UPL being environmentally committed believes in the inherent value of wildlife and the natural world and promote innovative solutions to ensure wildlife is protected.

As part of our ongoing commitment towards safeguarding the wildlife and to restore the deer’s in the forest which will create a balance in the ecosystem. UPL Limited has entered into an agreement with NCS for UPL Deer & Ungulate Breeding Project. #SavingWild

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The project is initiated at Vasdha National Park, Dang. Dang is a district in the state of Gujarat. Spread over an undulating terrain with rolling hills, plateaus and small valleys, the national park is home to various species of animals.

About 25 years ago Dang forest was a home to many wild animals, both herbivores and carnivores. Most of them have vanished today. A few leopards still roam in the forest, but unavailability of herbivores for food, forces them to attack domestic cattle for survival and sometimes human in the forest. Incidents of man- animal conflicts have increased.

To resolve these problems, Nature Club Surat together with the Maharaja of Vansada – Shri Digvirendrasinhji Solanki and the Gujarat Forest Department planned started a deer breeding project in 2007. Nature Club Surat and the forest department- Govt. of Gujarat signed an MOU to launch this unique project in the Vansada National Park with a goal to rehabilitate deers in the wild. It is the first instance of such a project being carried out by an NGO in India.

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Shree Sharda Vidhya Mandir, Kadodara, Block Vagra, Dahej – Inauguration of New School Building

IMG_0474UPL’s overarching CSR commitment is to improve areas of its presence and said commitment is based on the recognition that humankind is one community, where each member is responsible for the wellbeing of the other.”

We know that education is the backbone of every society but what matters the most is quality education – which still remains a distant dream for many in Rural India. Shree Sharda Vidhya Mandir, Kadodara, Block Vagra, Dahej was started by villagers in year 1971 to provide education facilities to the students of 8th, 9th& 10th. It caters to students from surrounding villages. In last 45 years the school building became very old and last year it reached a stage where school principal did not allow admission to few students due to lack of infrastructure.  The infrastructure were weak and largely damaged, there were cracks in the wall along with broken doors. The roof ceiling was so damaged that it resulted water seepage in rainy season and became a big safety risk. As per the request of the villagers, Sarpanch, & Principal, UPL Ltd committed to provide infrastructure for this school and improve the educational condition in village.

We are happy to inform that as per commitment, UPL Limited has completed construction of school building for Shree Sharda Vidhya Mandir, Kadodara, Block Vagra, Dahej and the inauguration and lokarpan programme was held on 21st June 2018 (Thursday) at 12.15pm. The guest list included

1)   Mrs. Sandra Shroff, VC, UPL Ltd.

2)   Mr. Vikram Shroff, Director, UPL Ltd.

3)   Mr. Arun Singh Rana, MLA, VAGRA (BHARUCH).

4)   Mr. Dushyantbhai R Patel MLA, BHARUCH.

5)   Mr. Kanubhai Desai, MLA, PARDI (VALSAD).

6)   Mr. Raj Tiwari, Director Manufacturing, UPL Limited

7)      Mr. Sulemanbhai Musabhai Patel. Local Leader.

8)   Mr. Ishwarbhai Gohil President, Taluka Punchayat Vagra.

9)   Mr. Praveenbhai – Sarpanch, Kadodara.

10)Mr. Sureshbhai – School President.

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IMG_0406IMG_0414IMG_0436WhatsApp Image 2018-06-25 at 10.45.59 AM (2)IMG_0489WhatsApp Image 2018-06-25 at 10.45.59 AM (5)IMG_0408IMG_0456

UPL Sarus Conservation Project – Sarus Crane Count

Gujarat is home to a vulnerable species of Cranes called Sarus Cranes. Ahmedabad, Anand, and Kheda are hugely populated districts by the Sarus. Sarus Crane (Grus antigone) is a resident species and is known to use wetlands and agriculture fields. These are known to use wetlands and agriculture fields and live in association with human beings. The major threat to Sarus crane in India is habitat loss and degradation due to draining wetland and conversion for agriculture, construction of roads, housing colonies, and railway lines.

On June 21st  the longest day of the year also known as “ Summer Solstice”  a Sarus counting exercise was conducted across seven taluka  covering 56 villages in the Kheda and Anand district in collaboration with Social Forestry Division, Nadiad and ongoing project by UPL Sarus Conservation. The staff of forest department and volunteers of Rural Sarus Protection Groups of different villages enthusiastically participated.

During the count 657 Sarus crane counted including 66 sub adults were recorded. The highest number of Sarus crane congregation was observed of   168 Sarus cranes followed by 118 and 91 Sarus crane in three wetlands.

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UPL Vasudha Programme bags Most Promising Programme Award 2018 – UPL Sarus Conservation

The UPL Vasudha Programme, CSR Initiative of the UPL Limited – Received “Award in the category of Life of land” for Sarus Conservation Project as one of the Most Promising Programme Award which complements the Sustainable Goals. The Felicitation ceremony was held at Coffee for Cause: Conversation on around Sustainability & CSR on 22nd June, 2018 at The Lalit, New Delhi.

The changemakers behind the project have collected data from the project location at Kheda have done intensive field work; research & training to conserve this vulnerable species. They have worked with community leaders to villagers, engaged with government organizations for educational institutions in Kheda taluka, Gujarat so that the stakeholders could understand the cause in identifying the development gaps and the needs that they must address in order to achieve the SDGs. Last But not the least Dr. Jatinder Kaur, Mr. Jatin Patel & team heartily congratulates all the stakeholders for their participation and hard work for making the Sarus Conservation Project a successful project.

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