UPL Sarus Conservation – Two Days Nature Guide Training Programme @ Kheda, Gujarat

UPL Sarus Conservation Project:

Sarus Crane Conversation, CSR project is part of UPL Vasudha Progarmme that is being implemented in Kheda region of Gujarat since 2015. The project witnessed a significant improvement in Sarus conservation with community participation.

The project team has been working with farmers and villagers towards the conservation of the tallest flying bird found in India, Sarus Crane is known to use wetlands and agriculture fields and live in association with human beings. In Gujarat, they are found in Ahmedabad, Anand, Baroda and Kheda districts. Besides holding the large population of Sarus cranes in the state, Kheda district also attracts migratory birds in large numbers to its numerous big and small wetlands.

Training Rural Residents as Nature Guide


UPL Sarus Conservation Project team organized a two days nature guide training workshop for Rural Sarus Protection Group/Volunteers (RSPG) in Bhalada. Bhalalda village is located in Matar tehsil of Kheda District, Gujarat. The training was organized in association with Voluntary Nature Conservancy, Anand.

The training was imparted on identification of various resident and migratory bird species and wildlife found in the district along with the importance of wildlife and how they benefit local communities, the role of nature guides in protecting the forests, bird ecology and their role and guest relations. The trainees were briefed on how the natural heritage of our area can be utilized for posterity without adverse effect.

The participation comprises of RSPG members, villagers from Matar taluka, majority of participants were from local communities for which it was important enhancing their knowledge in aspect of importance of wetland not just for agriculture and other subsistent needs but also as an additional source of livelihood.


Mr. Anirudhkumar Vasava, Coordinator, Research& Conservation, addressed the participants on the Importance of Wildlife and how they benefit local communities.caption


Field Exercise @ Pariej and surrounding wetland



Each of the participants was given a field kit comprising of a backpack, T-shirt and field boots.


The participants were motivated by giving a certificate of Nature Guide Training.

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UPL Vasudha – National Energy Conservation Day 2018

UPL Vasudha – “Environment and Nature Conservation” initiative of UPL Limited, keeping up with its tradition of conducting programme towards fulfilling its “Social Responsibility” organized a one day Programme on National Energy Conservation Day. The day intended to shed light on global energy consumption and its use in our daily life.

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Speaking on the occasion the presenter asked the students to lead life which is in synchronization with the environment. Further emphasized #EnergyConservation should be rooted in the behavior of every individual to have more impact towards the plan for energy conservation.

On this occasion students exhibited their creativity and ideas through posters, demonstrated model from recycled material, also showcased video clips on the said theme. The exhibited articles were much appreciated by the school teachers and principal.

The event witnessed an exceptional response from 2 schools at Gram Seva Kendra, Dethali, district Kheda, and excellent participation of 155 students and teachers from 3 schools at Vapi.

Energy Conservation Week executed in schools at Ankleshwar wherein organised puppet show, motivational speech to create awareness about energy efficiency and its conservation.

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UPL Sarus Conservation – Farmers and Crane Coexist



#UPLGlobal #UPLPragati #UPLVasudha #UPLSarusconservationCongragtion of Sarus Crane

The Sarus crane Grus antigone is the only resident crane species in India thriving in wetland and agriculture mosaic outside any protected area network. The cranes have been living in harmony with the rural agrarian communities since ages. But with changes in agriculture pattern the bond of intimation is slowly losing its ground, wherein the humans have started encroaching on the marshes and wetlands pushing the species to breed in their paddy crops which again is increasing the enmity among the farmers.

UPL Sarus conservation project in Kheda district of Gujarat which holds the second highest Sarus crane population in the country. The project envisaged conservation of the species by involving the farmer community and students of the area. Awareness programmes with the farmers and a school student of the area was initiated and was made aware of the fact how the cranes are helpful as natural pest controllers for their crops. Communities in protection of Sarus nests; sensitizing locals to volunteer in periodic monitoring of Sarus population. Through the awareness programmes a voluntary group of farmers came forward in conservation and protection of the species by forming “Rural Sarus Protection Group”.  Since its formation, 80 volunteers functioning in 30 villages have been instrumental in successful fledgling of 78 chicks from 50 nests in the year 2015-18.

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During the annual Sarus crane count in 2018 total 657 Sarus cranes were counted through the active participation of the protection groups and villagers in Kheda district.  The project has established as an important region for Sarus and has been successful in involving locals in conservation of the species and its habitat as well.




UPL Vasudha – Inspiring Children and Communities through Art

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#Imagination #Creativity #Integrity has no boundaries!

Art has the power to engender consciousness, cultivate we-feeling, and influence attitudinal change. The splash of colors and wise words on it definitely attract a passerby and the best way to reach out to the world is to paint wall. The initiative was all about using art as an effective medium for cultivate consciousness among the young minds to address the environment issue that portrays “CHANGE”.

November 29th 2018 marked as stimulating day as the team geared up for the wall painting competition that was organized at Bhagini Samaj School, Udwada Gujarat.

The Eco Coordinator and young artist from 10 schools enthusiastically participated in a one day event and depicted their imagination and creativity on a 4” X 5” wall.

DSC_6814DSC_6837IMG-20181129-WA0009The pain and dull wall of the school are now transformed into piece of art, spreading awareness on Environment and Nature Conservation. The activity lasted for about 6 hours, with the active participation of 95 students.

The principal of the school concluded the event by thanking everyone, stating the students as well as the management team loved the paintings. Hence the message will be abiding and more importantly it constantly reflects through our action.

The takeaway of this unique initiative was that the students/teachers, the passersby and the community as whole understand Individual Social Responsibility, and initiate a positive wave to change mindset to accept the emerging changes and contribute positively to make the planet a safe place to live.

The majestic artwork will hopefully ensure that passerby has something beautiful to look at and think twice before littering/dirtying the planet we live.

UPL CSR team feels grateful that their work is tangible and publicly visible. They believe that artwork plays an important role in drawing people’s attention to the said cause, as well as getting more people involved to address the noble cause. Finally change that reflect in our day-to-day action enabling us to make the planet a safe place to live.

DSC_6835DSC_6839Wall Art

UPL CSR Intervention @ Kenya

PHOTO-2018-11-08-12-16-06Under the CSR Initiative of UPL Limited, UPL Kenya team donated 10,000 liters of water tank to the Pest Control Products Board (PCPB) – Kenya, for raising nursery of 50,000 seedlings of fruit trees. The team is incredibly happy to report that the tree nursery is now operational.PHOTO-2018-11-08-12-13-38

UPL CSR Intervention @ Argentina – Students Design Unique Products using Pallets

Crafted with Love and Happiness!d1d19387-e664-40ab-a54d-e68f15db22f6UPL Argentina team carried out project “Celeste y Blanca” which means “Light Blue and White” a pallet recycling project with two groups of 2nd cycle students from Primary School No. 6 Mariano Moreno. The creative students created “escarapelas” i.e. a circular shape decorative item known as “rosette”. The children painted national symbol on discs made of wooden pallets.  The creative art work of the students was exhibited on the eve of Day of Tradition observed on 10th of November in Argentina.20180921_092019

“Uniphos Scholarship for Excellence” – Sculpting the lives for self-reliance @ Colombia



UCPL ScholarshipUniphos Colombia Plant Limited believes in education is one of the key strategy for the transformation of the country. With this believes, UCPL under its social responsibility initiative “Uniphos Scholarship for Excellence Program” was launched on 6th November 2018 with the aim to provide better opportunities to a group of students with limited resources.  This scholarship intend to sculpt the lives of young talented residents of the Uniphos Social Responsibility area of Barranquilla by giving an access to higher education.

At present, the program starts with 8 scholarships holders and proposes to increase with time.  This Scholarship not only stimulate & empower the young minds but also create a competitive environment in the formal education system & will make them self-reliant which will contribute positively in development of the country.

Indeed, Education is the sturdiest ladder to increase soci-economic mobility.

United Against Child Labour (Project UACL)

In developing world, Child labour can still be found in many parts of everyday life. This is a cultural issue and needs to be addressed in holistic manner. UPL/Advanta team is implementing a CSR initiative *United Against Child Labour (Project UACL) * with an objective to eliminate all forms of child labour in seed supplier farms and to ensure education for all children.

The first awareness program of 2018-19 under *United Against Child Labour (Project UACL) * was held in Jambhora of Buldana district in Maharashtra, India on 21st Nov 2018 to create awareness on issues related to child labour along with emphasis on importance of education for children. Event saw participation from UPL/Advanta team, Govt Agriculture Officer, Govt Education Officer, Community leaders and farming Community.

The awareness program focused on

  • *Eliminating child labour* which happens knowingly or unknowingly in Seed production.
  • The need to *act collectively to curb child labour* and at the same time to ensure that all children are going to school.
  • *Children are the future of the society* and by involving them in laborious works they are denied proper education which not only affect their development but also affect the nation’s development.
  • *Education is the right of every child* and nobody has the right to deny it to them.
  • *Fighting child labour collectively* as everyone is responsible to combat child labour.
  • Encouraging all stakeholders to *immediately report to proper authority* if they see any instance of child labour.
  • The strict *’No Child Labor Clause’ by Advanta* Where whoever is found guilty of employing child labour, Advanta will then stop procuring his produce and ban him for life.

There was a very *engaging small play* which was performed in local language by students from local school focusing on issues related to child labour along with emphasis on importance of education for children.

Event ended with all participants “taking a pledge” that they will not employ any child labour and report the instance if they see any child working on farm.

UPL Limited Conferred Two Prestigious Awards at the ACEF Asian Leadership Awards 2018

Two CSR Projects of UPL Limited were endowed at ACEF Asian Leadership Award 2018 for creating social impact in the society by its innovative initiatives & CSR activities. The event was held on 5th October 2018 at Westin Hotel, Mumbai.

  1. UPL NIYOJANIY (Skill Development) under Best Community Affairs.
  2. UPL UNNATI (Building Capacity of Community based Organisation) under Best Corporate – Nonprofit Partnership. IMG_1816WhatsApp Image 2018-10-05 at 7.03.34 PMTrophy_UPL Niyojaniy 1

UPL Udyamita – Promoting Quality Bookkeeping in SHG

#UPLGlobal  #UPLPragati #UPLUdyamita5. Promoting Quality BookKeeping

Project” Udyamita which means “Employability” – under this initiative formed SHG with an objective of empowering rural and tribal women which will enable them to take decisions concerning their own economic development. The groups are trained on planning, book keeping, and financial management. With day-to-day interaction, monitoring and motivation the SHG members have inculcate a saving habit. These SHGs are engaged in various income generation activities, wherein some members emerged as entrepreneurs who began their own enterprise generating employment for women from the vicinity. Assuredly, there is no tool for development more effective than the development of women.

IMG_3645IMG-20180828-WA0058SHG member attained DIGI mela (digital india) fare (2)Regular training and exposure visit to other SHG initiatives are undertaken to encourage self-reliance and sustainability.